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 Character Region Bonuses

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Character Region Bonuses Empty
PostSubject: Character Region Bonuses   Character Region Bonuses Icon_minitimeSun Jan 21, 2007 6:06 pm

Automatic Languages (you get this no matter your intelligence score):


Bonus Languages (If you have a Intell score of 12 or higher you get one per point of Intell-you must chose from:)


Regional Feats (if you do not pick a character class preferred in your homeland region, you cannot begin play with one of these regional feats:)


Equipment (this is in addition to your starting package or whatever you might buy. You may only choose one option if there is multi options:)

A) Potions of jump, cure light wounds, vision (2 each)
B) Spiked chain*, nunchaku*, or sjangham*
C) Wand of light or wand or detect magic

*Masterwork armor, weapon, or item
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Character Region Bonuses
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